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Les travaux de recherche en Energétique du Bâtiment sont cofinancés par l’Union européenne.
L’Europe s’engage en Haute Normandie avec le Fonds européen de développement régional (FEDER).

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Phononic Structures

Supervisor :

This team is interested in the propagation of ultrasonic waves in heterogeneous media composed of a host matrix in which scatterers are either periodically (phononic crystals) or randomly located.
The theoretical and numerical studies conducted by the team range from the modeling of ultrasonic propagation in periodically nano-structured media to that through highly concentrated aqueous suspensions of particles, or modal coupling in waveguides. Numerous experiments have been conducted that show particular properties of phononic crystals (negative refraction in solid crystals, phase control of acoustic waves, refraction at zero angle), with applications ranging from collimated beams to high resolution lenses. Active scatterers have also been used to achieve the electric control of the effective properties of metamaterial.
There are three main areas of research in the team: propagation control by means of passive metamaterials, propagation control by means of active metamaterials, and development of multiple scattering theories.